Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Jan & Feb 2010 Life in Tokyo

December 2009

Japan Report

Day 1 & 2
Day 3,4 & 5
Day 6 & 7
Day 8

I'll most prob wait for lenneth to finish her day 10-13 cos I'm just too lazy to write them all down. haha sooo before that, I'll just share some photos on my end =D:

Part one:
Part two:

Jan - Feb 2010

After the girls left, weeks of house searching, moving in and basically settling down, I finally had time to start hanging out with my classmates and well .. a LIFE.

School has been GREAT! I've never been so enthusiastic about studying EVER in my entire life and I kid not! Despite having homework and tests almost everyday, I actually do enjoy going to school very much! It could perhaps be the environment, friends, the language or even a combination of all.

I recently had a School Sports Day Meet last Friday at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center and here are some pictures from the event!

The sports hall

with my sensei

my class!

Preparing the table tennis table

With Shuui - so cuteeee!!! <3

With Min

After the Sports meet, our teachers treated us to Lunch!! :heart:

Soba-ya @ Shinjuku

with 堀野先生

A few of us then headed to a fellow classmate's house at SAITAMA (outskirt of Tokyo) for a night of drinking, food and korean card game~

Road to my friend's place - Love this shot XD

Check out the number of bikes at the parking lot!!

Our Dinner!

Learned a new game called "go-stop" from the Koreans.These pretty cards are called Hwatu. It originated from Japan though and they are called Hanafuda. 本当におもしろかった!

my cards XD the game is really really fun!

where we slept

Yep it was a really fun weekend and I enjoyed it alot! It was like being back in high school again and I really loved it! :heart:


So anyway, I've also been pretty much addicted to the Izakayas (居酒屋) in Japan! Alcohol is sooo much cheaper than back home and I love the drinking and eating culture here. IT IS AWESOME!

9 Jan 2010 - with Korean classmates :heart:



10 Jan 2010 - with Shuui, Min and A-san!

I had SOUR (?) サワー this time round! Alcohol + fruit juice?


29 Jan 2010 - with more classmates this time round!


3 Feb & 4 Feb 2010

Izakayas are awesome FUN! BUT they suck your money like no one's business!

I also managed to spend more time with B1 eating yummy cakes and desserts, watching Saw 6 (my first movie in Japan! SUPER EXPENSIVE! D=) and just chilling out! =D

Picture in the gorgeous toilet @ Tokyo metropolitan tower after Saw 6

Lunch @ some deli before signing our house contract

Signing of contract at the agency.


Did I mention I managed to catch Chester and his side project Dead By Sunrise at Shibuya AX? It was really short like how all their lives are but omg it was great!! It was really different compared to the live that LP gave in Singapore. Chester and band really seem to like Japan alot and they were PUNCTUAL! D=

Min and I were really high and being able to see Chester once again was so much love! <3

The set list:

Our 6,300yen tickets

Shibuya AX - After the concert


So to end off this entry, here are pictures of my new phone!

Till next time!! =D

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Of farewells and goodbyes

30 Nov - 14 Dec 2009

The week before I officially say さよなら to Singapore, it was a mad rush to meet up with friends and family. It was also my last chance to savour Singapore's awesome food!

So.. on to the pictures! =D

Chin Mee Chin - because their buttered kaya bun and eggs are to die for!
Met up with Verity dear for breakfast followed by shopping at Tampines Mall! =D

Timbre with the KC girls

Supper at Simpang Bedok with the Red Bull girls! =D

Paulaner's with Sarah, Play with Jes, Kie and Dan! =D

Karaoke with Rox and co.! - Rox rocked the house with her sex machine guns songs. XD

Dim Sum Buffet at Peach Garden with the parents and sister! =D

Last few days with Crescent - I miss them so! Awesome boss & colleagues, wonderful lunch times and not forgetting the farewell dinner/drinking session at Stereolounge.

Timbre with Rice, Steph and Hoiman with shots at Happy hour prices!! =D

Met up with Leok Si another day because she couldn't make it for Timbre and we went to Wild Honeys in town for breakfast in the evening. Yummy breakfast all day long!

NYDC with the cousins!

Blk 85 @ Bedok - because I'm so going to miss the hokkien mee, sambal stingray, orh lua and many more!! T__T

More supper with Clarice and Lihong at Simpang! It was also a farewell for Clarice because she's going to US! *jealous*

till the next entry! おやすみ!

Friday, 3 July 2009

LaRare - Paris

This whole post is dedicated to LaRare because Nathalie's shoe designs are GORGEOUS!

I chanced upon the cleopatra shoes while surfing Kingdom of Styles and I fell in love with the shoes instantly. Check out more of her other designs (my faves) below and also over at LaRare.

2008 Collection

Both colours are so pretty! ♥

2009 Collection

I want the red one!!!!!


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent - Aiden Davis

Aiden Davis is one hell of a dancer!! He is so talented and absolutely charming!! His dance act on episode 6 of Britain's Got Talent 09 was electrifying and was definitely WAY better than last year's winner, George Sampson. A real talent at such a young age!

Susan Boyles -> overhyped! She's really good I agree but we've had enough singing talents, I say vote for Aiden!!!! ♥♥

Don't you think the way he smiles, and the way he looked at his mom for reassurance is SO adorable? *gushes* Now, if only he was much older! ♥ love the eyes and the smile! =P

Friday, 15 May 2009

Restaurant City

Facebook is EVIL!! Especially Restaurant City! I'm like on almost every single day and to think I'm currently in the midst of my exams. Anyway, this post (after a long time of absence) is just to announce the fact that I've finally reached 50 for my restaurant popularity!! YAY! For those who are totally clueless about what RC is about, you may think I'm silly being happy over sth as trivial as this but hey come on, its little things like these that cheer me up during horrid exam times. More rather, anything to distract me from boring books. haha.
Most importantly, this post is to call out for all RC players out there to add me on facebook just for RC! Leave a comment or sth k? Thanks! =)